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Hospitality Signs

The hospitality industry is a multibillion-dollar industry and is currently the largest one in the world. The US hotel industry alone reached revenue of 208 billion USD in 2017…and hotel or lodging is just one of the four sectors under the hospitality industry. The other sectors—food and beverage, recreation, and travel and tourism—are looking at a lot of money in revenue as well. It relies on the consumers’ disposable income, and because customers are paying for the experience that they get, customer satisfaction is a key defining feature in the hospitality industry.

Beautiful Dimensional Letters for Your Lobby

As a businessperson in this industry, you’d want to get as much help as you can in making sure that your customers are happy, satisfied, and taken care of. Professionally designed, fabricated, and installed hospitality signs are excellent tools for that. Boston Sign Company is a trusted signs provider and specializes in providing tasteful, professional, and highly effective hospitality signage.

Here at Boston Sign Company, we make sure that the signs we deliver not only look good, but are custom-crafted to suit your business’s branding identity, objectives, target market, and budget. We also produce our products with quality materials and equipment so you can be sure that your signage stay attractive and effective for a long, long time.

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Illuminated Outdoor Signs

Attractive Illuminated Cabinet Sign

Being in such a highly competitive industry means giving it everything you’ve got and making the most of whatever you have. And making the most of your business’s exterior signs is a great way to start. Many of us think our outdoor sign’s job is limited to catching the attention of customers and convincing them to step inside your establishment. However, your exterior signage is also an excellent tool for brand awareness!

By getting illuminated outdoor signage such as dimensional letters, pole signs, sign boxes, and monument signs, you get to promote your brand and business 24/7. This is perfect for hotels, restaurants, travel agencies that are always in operation and want people to notice that their services are available.

Boston Sign Company is a full-service sign company that fabricates all signs in house so we are fully equipped and experienced to produce high quality lighted signs for your business. From design all the way to expert installation, Boston Sign Company has got you covered.

Highly Customizable Business Signs

Attractive Custom Wayfinding Signage

Making your business stand out using signage is a lot trickier than you may think. It involves more than just printing out signs and sticking them on to your walls. The process, most importantly, involves having signage that very clearly convey your brand message to your audience. Your business signs must be your potential customers’ source for information about what your business is, what you offer, and how your services benefit them.

Boston Sign Company is an expert at custom-crafting signs, and our secret to this is working very closely with you or your marketing team in order to align your vision with the products we deliver you. We study and analyze your brand, we create designs that complement it, we source out the best materials to use, we fabricate your signs, and give them a professional finish. Boston Sign Company does all this in order for you to appeal to the exact market that you’re aiming to reach.

We’ve handled sign projects for numerous clients in the area, and we’re excited to show your business what we can do. Whether you run a boutique business including hotels, resorts, specialty cuisine restaurants, or travel agencies, our ability to customize signs for you help you get noticed by the highly specific market you’re after.

Quality Informational Signage

Indoor Digital Signage

With customer satisfaction, a key defining feature in the hospitality industry, you cannot afford to make your customers feel confused, lost, and frustrated while they are inside your establishment. This is exactly why informational signs are so important!

Informational signs are those that contain directions, instructions, rules, regulations, and other such information. They are clearly printed and strategically placed around your facility in order to provide the said information when and where they are most needed. When tastefully designed, properly fabricated, and professionally installed, informational signs play a big role in delivering customer satisfaction.

Boston Sign Company produces a wide variety of informational signs that are widely used in the hospitality industry; these include ADA signs, wayfinders, directory signs, restaurant menu boards, traffic signs, warning and safety signs, door ID signs, and many more.

Full-Service Sign Company

Custom Sign Installation

Boston Sign Company has been in the sign-making business for a long time, and our experience has taught us just how important it is for hospitality businesses to be able to speak their brand message, promote their services, and deliver positive customer experience. And this is why we make sure our selection of hospitality signs are fully capable of meeting those needs.

As a trusted signs provider in the area, we make sure that our experience, equipment, and expertise in hospitality signage will benefit you and boost your bottom line. We are excited to share our knowledge with you by guiding and assisting you through the entire sign-making process…from planning all the way to maintenance, Boston Sign Company is here for you.

Free Hospitality Signs Consultation

In the same way the hospitality industry encompasses so many businesses, hospitality signage is also such a wide subject. If you’re in the business and not sure exactly what sign types would be best for you, how those signs can mesh with your brand, and how you can best utilize the signage options you have, just drop by our office or give us a call. We can let you in on some helpful tips as well as show you what Boston Sign Company can offer.

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